Impact Of Modern Technology On Education

⌈Ebadul Haque⌉


Modern technology has impacted in our everyday life. It plays a significant role in human life from several ways. It supports us to manage many critical and complicated processes quickly and spontaneously. The education sector is impacted majority and learning ways is changes.

The Impact of Computer Technology on Education:

Computers are revolutionary technology In the education sector. We can’t avoid and ignore its necessity in school. It helps interactive audiovisual media which permit interpretation information to students via animation software. On the other hand, visual effects have made learning more enjoyable to the students. Computers associate degree communication technology still build an ever-increasing impact on all levels, education and coaching from primary to secondary and for distance learning. The computers in education square measure designed to extend the potency and effectiveness of the educational method. On-Line education has revolutionized the education trade.

Computer managed instruction and program integration square measure inevitable for instructional functions with the advancement of latest technology. It’s vital to integrate technology into room program to arrange resources. Reading and Language Arts, scientific discipline, Science, and arithmetic square measure the most subjects to be incorporated into a program.

Issues in Instructional computing square measure diversified, having legal problems, moral problems in conjunction with a desire to tackle with cyber crime hackers. For this purpose, the academic establishments have to be compelled to make sure the safety on the internet. Active network and telecommunication are a constant demand for lecture rooms and laboratory. It’s the half and parcel of the varsity curricula because the technology forms a broad impact within the current education system.

The advantages of computers in education embody associate degree economical storage and rendition of data, fast science and extremely significantly saving of paper! Home works and assignments submitted as soft copies save paper.In the epoch, the scholars realize it easier to seek advice from the net than finding out data in reference books. Today, the method of education has gone on the far side learning from prescribed books. Moreover, it’s easier to store data on laptops than maintaining hand-written notes! Therefore we will say textbooks versus computer teaching!


The computer technology has created the dream of distance learning into a reality! Education isn’t any a lot of restricted to lecture rooms however it’s reached way and wide. The Web plays a critical role in education. The knowledge on varied subjects is found to be instructed to the scholars on a web. Laptop facilitates an efficient presentation of data. A software package like Power-Point and animation software package square measure of excellent assist to the academics whereas delivering data.Nowadays’ computer learning is an essential part of the educational institute. As a result, students can acquire basic knowledge of computer technology quickly.

The impact of Internet Technology on Education:

The internet technology is providing great information. It becomes a useful tool. Besides, search engines are providing lots of information about any question. There are several informative websites and web directories. They are providing comprehensive knowledge to the educational sector. The Internet is helping students to promote their knowledge and acquire some additional information too.

Internet and computer technology make distance learning ordinary. Now, there is no need to be present in the classrooms, students can learn from anywhere by a blessing of modern technology. The Internet also helps to bring up assignment by online.The modern technology is not only helping us in the education sector but also changing the world. Everywhere you can notice and feel the effect of technology. From traveling to communication everywhere, technology is playing an important role. Undoubtedly its making human life trouble-free.

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